PaddleOne and Forge Racing – A perfect combination!

Marc Gillespie,  US National Champion

Forge Racing, Rochester NY

At the Forge (the gym in my basement in Rochester, NY) I use both a paddling machine and a kayak machine by PaddleOne in my workouts all winter long.  Several days a week, we have a one hour cardio/medley workout which consists of 5-10 minute bursts on various pieces of equipment. including both PaddleOne machines, a Concept2 Rower, a Schwinn Airdyne, jump rope, speed bag, sliding board, etc.  In Forge Racing, members range in height from 5’3” to 6’4”, the easy change foot brace on the PaddleOne Machines makes it a snap to go from one exercise to another.

As a technique trainer, the PaddleOne is unsurpassed.  By placing it in front of a mirror, you have immediate feedback about such stroke essentials as posture, torso use, hand and arm alignment, etc.  Being indoors eliminates the variables of wind, water, tippiness and boat movement so you can concentrate on proper technique.  I have owned several PaddleOne Machines in the past, and these new machines by Mario Blackburn are the best, smooth, easy to adjust, and a joy to use.  The large rollers that the Kevlar ropes glide through allow for a smoother stroke and longer rope life.

If you really want to perfect your stroke for next season, get a PaddleOne now, get in front of a mirror and get some good videos of stoked you want to emulate and get going!