Dustin Silvey

Dustin Silvey

Having been fit my whole life, when I came down with a chronic illness that prevented me from staying fit and active, I was devastated. I had been a competitor in combative sports (kickboxing, MMA, wrestling, Jiu Jitsu) since I was a child. I have competed on the international stage and for two Canadian universities.  I was known as the cardio guy on my teams. I wasn’t the most technical, but I lasted the longest.

In 2018, my cardio stopped being my strongest attribute. At wrestling practices, I no longer could keep up with my teammates. My body started to go weak, I would become light headed, my knees would give out, and would have to stop. After several visits with my doctor we determined I had some kidney issues. He recommended I start doing another sport until my health recovered.

Another sport!? Combative sports had been my life since childhood! I had recently got into white water paddling, but making that my new sport? How!? I couldn’t go paddling every morning. What, was I going to store a boat in my 900 square foot apartment and drag it up and down to the tiny pond near my house each morning? No, this couldn’t be the sport that would be my saving grace.

Then I discovered PaddleOne and marathon paddling. PaddleOne machines to me, were basically a treadmill for paddling. I had never heard of this type of machine, so I ordered a PaddleOne C, put it together, and started “paddling” every morning (no dragging or storing of boat required). Like going for a jog, it became my daily routine. Wake up, paddle, eat, shower, work, sleep, and repeat. I like routine, and PaddleOne gave me the physical activity routine I needed to feel like myself. 

Being a cardio machine and then falling from grace can be a big hit to the ego. That was another bonus of the PaddleOne; I was able to do it at home. No one saw me struggle the first few weeks to last a half hour paddling on the machine. I was at home doing my thing and building muscle strength and my cardio. Thanks to PaddleOne I am now back to wrestling twice a week and making it through the practices.

Health problems can strip us of who we are, leaving us feeling empty. The PaddleOne C has allowed me to feel like the man I have known most of my life and I am grateful to PaddleOne for helping me find myself.